Syrian Islamists Enter Orthodox Convent – Take Nuns Hostage

st. thecia
In Ma’loula, Syria, the Greek Orthodox nunnery of St. Thecla Deir Mar Takla was built near what is said to be the saint’s cave tomb.

Jihadist radicals have reportedly entered the St. Tecla convent in Maalula, Syria taking the nuns hostage.
ANSAMed reported, via Religion of Peace:

Anti-regime jihadist militia have entered the Saint Tecla Orthodox convent in the Christian village of Maalula, 60 kilometers north of Damascus, SANA state news agency reported Monday.

”Local sources said terrorists broke into the convent, taking Mother Superior Pelagia Sayyaf and other nuns hostage”, SANA reported.

The National Observatory for Human Rights in Syria confirmed rebels have retaken Maalula but made no mention of hostage-taking in the convent.

Nuns at Saint Tecla Orthodox convent were forcibly evacuated, but it is not clear whether they were taken hostage after jihadist rebels seized the village of Maalula north of Damascus on Monday, the Apostolic Nuncio to Damascus, Monsignor Mario Zenari, told ANSA. The Nuncio cited sources in the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate.

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