SHOCK REPORT: St. Charles Drivers Pulled Over – Asked For Blood & Saliva Samples

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration held tests in St. Charles recently.
Police officers forced drivers off the road and requested blood and saliva samples.

KMOV reported:

Drivers in St. Charles County were asked to take part in a government survey that involved the odd request of blood and saliva samples.

One driver who emailed News 4 said a deputy and others dressed in safety vests directed drivers to take part and answer questions about alcohol and driving.

The study is being conducted by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration and is supposed to be voluntary. Constitutional Law attorney Bob Herman said the study does raise some red flags.

“At the point at which a uniformed officer asserts his authority and makes you drive your car off the road or pull over to the side, that is starting to look like government intimidation,” said Herman.

The St. Charles County Sheriff’s Department confirms two off duty deputies were at the survey providing site security.

The federal government is running similar tests in Texas.

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