Mike Tyson on ‘Knockout’ Attacks: “I Don’t Know Why They Do It… Maybe They’re Just Evil” (Video)

Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson weighed in on the “knockout game” attacks spreading across the country during his interview with Piers Morgan.
Tyson doesn’t know why they do it.
“Maybe they’re just evil. They’re are some evil people out there.”

From the interview:

Mike Tyson: “It doesn’t make any sense. It’s a game to some people. I don’t think it’s cool. I saw them hit a woman, from behind… If I was on a robbing spree, I’d done something like that. But this is just for fun. These guys are just, there’s no purpose of doing that. I saw someone hit a woman I’ve never hit a girl in the face. I just can’t imagine. The only thing I can imagine is that being my daughter or my wife… Maybe they’re just evil. They’re some evil people.”

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