Exhausted Boyfriend Kills Himself Rather Than Enter Another Shoe Store

Every man has his limit.
shopper suicide
Crowds look down after a tired, distraught shopper flings himself over the railing to his death. (Daily Mail)

Poor Tao Hsiao was so exhausted from shopping all day that he flung himself over the 7th floor railing rather than enter another ladies shoe store.
Patheos.com reported:

He said: You have more shoes than you could wear in a lifetime. It’s pointless buying any more.

She said: You’re a skinflint. You’re spoiling Christmas.

And with that, 38-year-old Tao Hsiao rallied his strength one more time—tossing his heavy packages to the floor, hoisting himself over the railing, and jumping seven stories to his death.

You may have seen reports of the story, which took place earlier in December in an east China shopping mall.

The couple had been shopping for more than five hours, and Tao Hsiao felt he just didn’t need one more thing, couldn’t carry one more thing, couldn’t shop for one more thing. He and his girlfriend were heard arguing loudly before he just chucked it and flung himself over the railing and into eternity.

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