AWFUL… Dana Milbank: Bashir Was Making a “Very Legitimate Point About Sarah Palin” When He Said Someone Should Sh*t in Her Mouth (Video)

Far left Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank believes Martin Bashir made a “very legitimate point about Sarah Palin” when he said someone should sh*t and pi$$ in her mouth.
Via Media Buzz:

Dana Milbank: And another thing, which is really quite different. He was making a very legitimate point about Sarah Palin.

Howard Kurtz:
Let’s go over this for people who were not following the this. Sarah Palin had given a speech for which she compared the national debt and owing money to China to slavery. A lot of people didn’t like that. And, like I said in the beginning, it is fair game to criticize Sarah Palin. But let’s not mix words here. What Bashir said was scripted, read with graphics that had to be approved by other people at the network who suggested using her as a toilet.

Dana Milbank: Yes, and I think the legitimate point that he was making was that these slavery things are brought up too often and this is how awful slavery is.

And, you just know the rest of the liberal mainstream media agrees with him.

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