ANOTHER OBAMA RECORD! Fewer Banks Today Than at Any Point Since Great Depression

Thanks to Barack Obama’s failed economic policies there are fewer banks now than at any point since the Great Depression
466 banks have failed during Obama’s time in office.
banks obama
(Think Progress)

Bank Failures Skyrocket During Obama’s Watch

58 failed between 2000 and January 2009.
466 banks have failed during the Obama administration.
24 banks failed in 2013 so far.  
51 banks went belly up in 2012.  
92 banks went under in 2011.
157 banks failed in 2010
140 banks failed in 2009 (two before Obama entered White House).


This is the highest number of failures since the early 90’s.

For some reason the media has ignored this devastating news.
Weird, huh?

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