Republican Ken Polls have shown Democrat Terry McAuliffe leading Republican Ken Cuccinelli, the state’s attorney general, in the governor’s race. But tonight Cuccinelli has taken a massive lead with 25% reporting.

cuccinelli virginia

From the website:
Republican Ken Cuccinelli – 50.78%
Democrat Terry McAuliffe – 41.91%
Libertarian Robert Sarvis – 7.1%

UPDATE: With 55% reporting:
Republican Ken Cuccinelli – 49.05%
Democrat Terry McAuliffe – 43.69%
Libertarian Robert Sarvis – 6.97%


UPDATE: With 61% reporting at 8:42 EST:
Republican Ken Cuccinelli – 48.03%
Democrat Terry McAuliffe – 44.66%
Libertarian Robert Sarvis – 7.01%

UPDATE: FOX News has Cuccinelli leading with 95% reporting.
cuc ahead fox
FOX may have messed up with that 95% number – But Cuccinelli still holds a lead.

UPDATE: FOX News called the race for Democrat McCauliffe.
Over 128,000 voters turned out today for Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis. Now they will have to live with Terry McAuliffe as governor.

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