Three Young Programmers Build More Efficient Health Care Website – Over a Weekend

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Not only did three young men build a more efficient health care website in just a few days (as a weekend challenge project), but the website they built didn’t cost the taxpayers billions of dollars and is infinitely easier to use.

The programmers felt that Obama’s government website has it backwards as to what the user wants up front. So their website simply asks for your zip code and then provides the prices to compare up front. The initial prices are based on a young age range, thus the user should add the correct age, and other information options on the quote page—as needed—to get more accurate quotes. The website is extremely easy to navigate.

In addition, their website will then provide the user with the contact information for all available insurance companies to allow the user to contact the company of choice directly—without ever having to go to This is a huge benefit to users who wish to avoid the government website that steals your personal data and puts the consumer at risk for identity theft.


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