Figures… Ezekiel Emanuel Blames Obamacare Disaster on FOX News (Video)

How predictable…
Obamacare architect Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel just blamed the Obamacare disaster on FOX News.
Here’s what Zeke told Megyn Kelly after the October numbers came out today:

Dr. Ezekial Emanuel: Remember, this was not an envrionment that was hospitable to setting up the exchanges. You and your colleagues were constantly criticizing trying to underfund it and trying to make sure it didn’t work.

Megyn Kelly: A lot of that criticism proved true, unfortunately.

Emanuel: It’s a self fulfilling prophecy. We’re going to do everything we can to make it fail and then when it fails we’re going to say, “Oh, why did it fail?”

Kelly: Oh, I don’t think FOX News had anything to do with the roll-out of As far as I know we didn’t touch that website.

Emanuel: You were constantly attacking the law.

Kelly: Ok, It was all our fault.

They are really desperate.

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