Obamacare Website Shut Down Day Before December Deadline

obamacare down moment

The Obamacare website will go down today – one day before it was promised to be working.
CNN reported, via Free Republic:

HealthCare.gov, the problem-plagued federal online site for signing up for insurance under Obamacare, will go down for extended maintenance on Friday night and overnight ahead of Saturday’s deadline to have it working for most people, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services said.

The overnight maintenance overnight is set to last from 9 p.m. ET Friday until 8 a.m. ET Saturday.

It’s not the first time the website has gone done; the administration has frequently done regular weekend maintenance, usually on Sunday mornings from 1 a.m ET to 5 a.m. ET.

During the maintenance checks, the website’s application and enrollment system are unavailable, official say. But one section of the website that verifies income and citizenship information, known as the Data Services Hub, will function as normal, according to officials.

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