Media Finally Notices Obama Administration Is a Propaganda Machine

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

After years of media propaganda to cover for the Obama Administration, the media is suddenly upset that the Obama Administration is a propaganda machine. Media is complaining about the very monster they contributed in creating.

Hat Tip RightScoop and BirtherReport:


In the above CNN interview, the (below) photo example is highlighted in which the White House photographer presented to the country a flattering photo staged from behind the Obama’s—waving to an adoring crowd (on the right). Contrasted against a media photo from the same event, showing the disgusted expressions and not-so-flattering view of the Obama’s (on the left).


In related news, USNews reports the following regarding a White House response:

Friday’s White House “Photo of the Day” seems fairly innocuous at first glance. President Obama, in the Oval Office, is surrounded by eight photojournalists as he signs a bill into law.


But that particular photo comes courtesy of the White House just one day after 38 news organizations and journalistic institutions, en masse, penned a letter of protest to Press Secretary Jay Carney, asking that the Obama administration stop simply sending out their own photos and allow more access to photographers and videographers.

Some journalists interpreted Friday’s photo as the White House attempting to sweep the issue under the rug, while others figured it a subliminal “screw you.”

“I think given the fact that this picture of them taking pictures was now pushed out, I almost wonder if this wasn’t just a set up?” said Mickey Osterreicher, general counsel for the National Press Photographers Association, who worked on a draft of the letter. “See, we give everybody access, what’s the problem?” he said the White House was trying to say. […]

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