House Democrat on Obama: “I Don’t Know How He F*cked This Up So Badly”

It’s come to this…
Democrats are so worried about the political backlash from Obamacare that they are lashing out at the Commander in Chief.

One Democrat told Politico, “I don’t know how he f*cked this up so badly!”

That’s what we’ve been saying for years.


Obama’s big speech yesterday failed to calm jittery Democrats.
Via The Hill:

What did they expect? He’s a community organizer.
The Politico reported:

President Barack Obama’s credibility may have taken a big hit with voters, but he’s also in serious danger of permanently losing the trust of Democrats in Congress…

“I don’t know how he f—-ed this up so badly,” said one House Democrat who has been very supportive of Obama in the past.

The first test of unity: how many Democrats vote for a bill Friday penned by Michigan Republican Rep. Fred Upton. The legislation would allow people to keep their canceled insurance plans through 2014…

…Congressional Democrats are on the line in 2014. Many of them voted for Obamacare, defended it in 2010 and will have to stand in front of voters next year and explain the problems.

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