Five Colorado Counties Vote to Secede & Form New 51st State

Five Colorado counties voted on Tuesday to form a new state free from heavy-handed restrictions from the state capitol.
Eleven counties voted on the initiative Tuesday.
51st state
Counties in green voted today to secede from Colorado.

These counties voted to secede:
– Phillips
– Yuma
– Kit Carson
– Cheyenne
– Washington

The Denver Post reported:


9:05 p.m.: In Lincoln County, 44.5 percent of voters favor secession and 55.5 percent have voted against. In Washington County, 58 percent voted for the initiative and 42 percent against.

Phillips voted 62 percent in favor and 38 against. In Sedgwick, 60.8 percent favored secession compared with 39.2 percent against. Results from Cheyenne and Yuma counties weren’t available.

8:23 p.m.: In Washington County, in northeastern Colorado, 58 percent of voters cast ballots in favor of secession. About 42 percent voted against.

8:09 p.m.: Logan County voters have said “no” to the 51st state initiative, with 58.4 percent casting ballots against secession and 41.6 percent voting in favor.

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