Figures. Obama Flies to Texas to Thank Alinsky Group For Their Support

Barack Obama flew to Dallas, Texas on Wednesday to promote his troubled Obamacare program. He also wanted to defend the Obamacare navigators who work on Obamacare in Dallas.

barack texas ocare alinsky
Barack Obama flew to Texas to thank members of an Alinsky-founded group for their support. (Yahoo)

During his visit Barack Obama thanked members of the Dallas Area Interfaith (DAI) a group professing to be an interdenominational Christian group. DAI is actually a front group for the Industrial Areas Foundation, which was founded by Saul Alinsky.  The group plans on distributing 100,000 copies of the DAI health care booklet in the Dallas area.


DAI purports to be a Christian group but is really a secular commie group. So, it’s no surprise that Barack Obama would choose this group’s headquarters to hold his event.

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