Al-Qaeda Teaches Twitter Followers How to “Kindly” Cut Off Heads

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Al-Qaeda is teaching its Twitter followers how to “kindly” cut off heads so they don’t appear violent.
Al-Alam reported:

Al-Qaeda which is getting super-active using the charged insurgency in Syria is now teaching followers how to ‘kindly’ cut a human’s head as it teaches followers how to be like them.

An article in Lebanese daily al-Ssafir has taken a look into al-Qaeda’s increasing use of social media networks and media technology in spreading its ideology and even teaching people how to kill with kindness.

Malak Hamoud, the writer of the article, says al-Qaeda’s active offshoot in Syria, the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIS), which was previously just Islamic State of Iraq during the years of wars in Iraq is gaining more power in the social media, scilencing almost every strong voice that is raised against them…

…They have several Twitter accounts with different names, each with a different mission; “Lions of the Islamic State”, “Falcons of the Islamic State”, Companions of te Islamic State”, and “Shaam State” are among the most famous ones.

They have different missions, but they share the same goal: Establishing Khilafa.

Daesh official account has 60,000 followers and they are campaigning to attract more…

They have an advertising ministry-like setup which issues statements on different subjects such as, Do not wear jeans, Do not use makeup, Do not shave your face, etc, and they get their statements from their clerics.

Most recently the advertisement ministry is training its followers how to “kindly cut human’s head” because they don’t want to seem violent. They teach followers how they started their war, and justify their acts and lead people to their other pages and groups to join them.

Al-Qaeda supporters in Syria rally after Friday prayers today.

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