ZERO AMERICANS Sign Up for O-Care in Hawaii, Tennessee – Only 5 Sign Up in Iowa

The State of Tennessee has not had anyone successfully sign up for O-Care.

The State of Hawaii was forced to relaunch their Obamacare website today after no one signed up for the program.
CBS DC reported:

Hawaii’s health insurance marketplace is hoping to turn around a stalled start by providing plans and pricing to consumers by Oct. 15 — but there are no guarantees, its executive director said Wednesday.

Coral Andrews, executive director of Hawaii Health Connector, told state lawmakers Wednesday that getting the marketplace running properly has been a fluid situation, with circumstances changing every day.

“We want to make sure that we’re doing it the right way,” Andrews said after testifying for more than an hour before a panel of lawmakers representing three House and three Senate committees.

Iowa has not done much better.
Only five Iowans have sighed up so for for Obamacare.

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