Westboro Cult to Protest Cardinals & Red Sox at St. Louis World Series

Westboro to Protest World Series

Westboro leader Margie Phelps tweeted about it earlier today.

Probably not a good idea.
The freaks from the Westboro Baptist Church announced they will protest against the Cardinals and Red Sox outside of Busch Stadium this weekend.
CBS Local reported:

Referring to the St. Louis Cardinals and Boston Red Sox as “titan perverts” playing “goofy sports,” anti-gay advocates with the Westboro Baptist Church have announced they will protest outside Busch Stadium this weekend.

“The worthless strutting peacocks of these two baseball teams…will wallow in a sea of blood-red as they pour their energy into glorifying themselves instead of God,” the protestors announced in a press release Sunday. “Very fitting that these two teams should be symbolized by red – for the blood of murdered unborn babies by the millions, thousands killed in unrighteous wars, and bloody fag filth.”

It’s Cardinal red, excuse me.

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