Lebanon Security Forces Shoot Down Dreaded Israeli “Spy Eagle”

Lebanon security announced this week that they had shot down an Israeli spy eagle.
dead eagle
Israeli eagles dangerously endangered by pesticides, electrical wires, poachers and now Hezbollah fighters. (AP)

lebanon eagle
The eagle was wearing a tag with the word “Israel.” (Blogbaladi)

Lebanese blogs celebrated the capture of the Israeli spy eagle.
The Times of Israel reported, via Religion of Peace:


The Lebanese security establishment scored a major coup with the capture of a high-flying Israeli “spy.”

Lebanese blogs reported Wednesday that an eagle was trapped by a group of local hunters in the Maronite Catholic town of Ashqout, who noticed that the bird had a tag around his ankle with the word “Israel,” as well as an abbreviation for Tel Aviv University, and the number 5278. The eagle had a transmitter on his back, according to the blog Lebanon Debate.

The men decided the bird was likely a Mossad spy on a mission for Israel, and handed it over to security authorities for investigation.

This is not the first time Israel’s neighbors believed they caught an avian spy.

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