Former Xerox Engineer: Obamacare Website Won’t Be Fixed Anytime Soon (Updated)

Anthony Federico, a top engineer at Xerox Corp. for 44 years says the health exchanges “won’t be fixed anytime soon,” and that the administration “didn’t do the rudimentary Beta tests” to catch problems beforehand.
FOX Business Network reported:

A retired 44-year veteran of Xerox Corp. tells FOX Business that the problems with the health exchanges “won’t be fixed anytime soon,” that it appears the Administration didn’t do “the most rudimentary Beta tests” to catch problems ahead of time, and that the software architecture clearly is “very outdated.”

Anthony Federico knows what he’s talking about, and he is someone to listen to. Federico was the chief engineer of Business Group Operations at Xerox and retired last year after 44 years with the company, where he directly managed the development of the company’s largest flagship products, standardized processes for all product development, and addressed key issues on software design. Federico primarily developed Xerox’s large system products entailing software and electronics for corporate and government clients. And he managed software development and information technology (corporate computing) teams.

Federico has two dozen patents, mostly in software development, and he currently serves on the board of directors for EchoStar Corp. One of his close friends at Xerox even developed the computer mouse that Microsoft later copied.

Despite the federal government spending nearly $400 million to date on the state health exchanges, according to the Government Accountability Office, consumers for the most part cannot log on to buy health insurance on the exchanges run by the federal government since the October 1 launch.

UPDATE: And reader Charles Vandegriffe, a former computer engineer, added this:

I had a 54 year career in technology. Obamacare will never be implemented. Why? This is an integrated system involving many players with different systems, hardware and programming language which I bet includes COBOL. This system has not gone through System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) which includes many levels of testing prior to migration to production. It appears that the potential users of the system have not been involved in addition every time a law is changed, they will have to open up the system and make program addition and/changes. Every time you do this you are doing this you are asking for trouble as on the fly updates should be tested with associated programs and don’t forget this is an integrated system. Adding people will not solve the problem. So what’s the answer –shut down this system and start over with the right people and establish priorities of the functions that will bring the most benefit to the people. Maybe we can get a return on our investment (ROI). I will stop now but there is much more to say about implementing the largest integrated system. The government is trying to eat the whole cake in one bit instead of taking one bite at a time.

Charles Vandegriffe Sr.

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