14 Year-Old Accused Killer Went to Movie After Slashing Teacher to Death With Boxcutter

chism and teacher
14 year-old Philip D. Chism is accused of killing popular teacher Colleen Ritzer with a box cutter. (ABC)

Teacher killer Philip Chism reportedly went to a Woody Allen matinee movie after he slashed his teacher to death with a boxcutter.
The Boston Herald reported:

A 14-year-old Danvers High School freshman ducked into a darkened movie theater for a matinee of the new Woody Allen movie after authorities say he murdered his popular math teacher and dumped her body in the woods, a law-enforcement source said.

Authorities did not say specifically when they believe Philip D. Chism “assaulted and subsequently murdered” 24-year-old Colleen Ritzer. But the source said it was before he bought a ticket to the 4:30 p.m. Tuesday screening of “Blue Jasmine” at the Hollywood Hits theater in Danvers. Police reported Chism left the theater about an hour and a half later.
The theater manager said Chism “blended right in.”

“He was here and gone before we even knew he was here,” manager Scott Przybycien told the Herald.

Przybycien said police showed up at the theater Tuesday night and asked about Chism, who at the time was considered only a missing person.

Chism was found at 12:30 a.m. yesterday while walking north on southbound Route 1 near Salem Road in Topsfield — about six miles by foot from the theater.

A law-enforcement source said authorities believe Chism attacked Ritzer with a box cutter. The source said the boy was seen on school security video pushing a large recycling bin, which authorities believe he used to take her body outside.

Chism was charged with Ritzer’s murder after investigators interviewed him and reviewed surveillance video from the school.

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