White House Admits It Has NO Allies For Syria Attack—A Coalition Of One

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Recently WSJ reported on John Kerry’s claim that the number of countries supporting a U.S. attack on Syria reached “double digits” but Kerry failed to name any.

JihadWatch noted the following:

Liechtenstein? Luxembourg? Andorra? San Marino? Monaco? Seychelles? Tuvalu? Tannu Tuva? No, not even them. Kerry didn’t name them because he doesn’t have them. He is bluffing.

Apparently, McDonough has a similar problem. In a CNN interview with White House Chief of Staff, Dennis McDonough was repeatedly pressed by Candy Crowley to provide examples of countries that will endorse or provide personnel or equipment for a military intervention in Syria. McDonough emphasized other nations condemnations of Syria but no specifics on support for intervention. The key WH strategy seems to be the repeated memo phrase:  “Holding him [Syria] to account,” and vague references of “support.”

At the end of interview, Crowley clarifies the word “support” is referring to “moral support” more than anything else.

JihadWatch reports the following:

Confirmation from the White House itself that John Kerry was lying when he said that the number of countries supporting the U.S. had reached “double digits.” “White House Admits It’s a Coalition of One,” by Patrick Brennan at National Review, September 8:

When asked this morning if the U.S. has any pledges of military support for strikes in Syria, White House chief of staff Denis McDonough emphasized that the G20 and other nations have made supportive condemnations of the Syrian government’s actions, but repeatedly pressed by CNN’s Candy Crowley, provided no examples of countries that have endorsed or will provide personnel or equipment for a military intervention.

He wouldn’t explicitly admit that the U.S. actually has no allies willing to provide support, saying, “you’re trying to get me to say that, but I’m not going to say it.” There is specific support from the EU and others, he said, for “holding Syria accountable.”

McDonough argued it was encouraging that a number of other countries — and even a former president of Iran — have come around and agreed that the U.S. has made a convincing case that the Syrian regime used chemical weapons in August.


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