UPDATE On 9-11 “21-Muslim March” On D.C.—Cornel West Among The 21 Who Came To Protest

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

The “Million Muslim March” officially became the “21-Muslim March” due to the small turnout. The media probably contributed to the Muslim March turnout numbers, thus giving an illusion there were more people. It should be noted after some bad publicity, the Muslim group attempted to rename their march effort to “The Million American March Against Fear,” thinking the new label would fool us. After all, what American wouldn’t be willing to march against fear… huh? Judging by the turnout… the renaming trick didn’t work.


Actually, it could be argued that the real marchers against fear were among the 2 Million Bikers that rode into D.C. to support the military and those who lost loved ones on 9-11 attacks.


Hat Tip to RightScoop for the images:


Hat Tip to RightScoop again for the Tweet of the Day below. Love that the guy is offering free pork to the Muslim marchers:


Cornel West was among those that attended the “21-Muslim March”. It is interesting that the organizer of the event (interviewed in below clip) claims a lot of people did not show up to the event due to fear. So if that is true, how does this man explain the huge turnout for the 2 million bikers? That’s weird… obviously fear didn’t paralyze the biker turnout.

Another interview with Cornel West (seen here) shows West blaming Fox news for not reporting the truth and tells Fox to get off the propaganda bandwagon. Oh the irony of it all…

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