Syria Update: Russians, Iranians, Politicians & Podcasts

Posted by Steve Schippert, formerly of

The purpose of this update is to provide a quick-glance context to related developments. The taglines used in the news links are rarely the actual headlines. Rather, they are written (if need be) in order to provide the really important idea contained within a given story. Often the real news is way down in the 5th or 6th paragraph while the headline is chosen instead either to push an agenda or to sensationalize and get your attention some other way.

In the Syria briefing below, please find news in context and logically organized. It’s surely not everything. It’s what I had time for.

Syrian ‘Rebels’ Attack Christian Village of Malula (Via Long War Journal)

Videos show joint Al Nusrah, Free Syrian Army attacks – Long War Journal
Congress Rattled: “Moderate” FSA Attacking w/al-Qaeda – Washington Free Beacon
Tide of Syria battle in Congress is running against  Obama – IBD
TODAY: Syria offers bounty for foreign “terrorists” – Khaleej Times (UAE)
2008: Same terrorists OK in Syria if going to Iraq to kill Americans – CTC West Point

Russia Backs Its Ally, Putin Says Will Help If Syria Attacked – Telegraph (UK)
BS From Day One: “Putin says could turn against Assad – if case proved” – Reuters
Assad creates Russian Safe Zone, civilian danger zones – Washington Times
Putin Sends Another Navy Ship to Syria – Khaleej Times (UAE)
Russian Report Claims Rebels Used Sarin in March Aleppo Attack – McClatchy
Syrian rebel slams Putin for chemical attack claims – Washington Times

Iran Coordinating Shia Terror Responses to US Attacks – Long War Journal
Proper Headline: “Duh. It’s Red-On-Red, Stupid.” – Christian Science Monitor
OK Terror Oil Customers: US Exempts EU, Japan from Iran Oil Sanctions – Miami Herald
And Presto! We Get This: “US, EU See New Hope for Iran Nuclear Talks” – ABC

Egyptian Army Rolling Out Crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood – Jamestown Foundation

Transcript: Hugh Hewitt interviews Andy McCarthy – Hugh Hewitt Show
Podcast: Malcolm And Melissa interview Steve Schippert – IBD Audio