Shocking! Refugees Leave War-Torn Chicago

Cities in Wisconsin have welcomed refugees from war-torn areas like Somalia, Burma and the former Yugoslavia. Now the refugees are coming from another war-torn area much closer by: Chicago.

The Smoking Gun reports:

The group, the cop reported, included four adults, a five-month-old baby, several toddlers, and two older children. As detailed in a Madison Police Department incident report, the adults “were shocked” by the veteran officer’s concern for their welfare . . .

“They explained they had escaped the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago’s South Side,” police noted. The group, which was not seeking handouts, told the officer that they “fled Chicago from where a lot of shootings and deaths were occurring.” The officer added, “It was just too dangerous to stay; some people they knew were killed.”

As reported earlier by Gateway Pundit, there have been over 300 murders in Chicago this year, and kids must pass through safe passage areas on their way to school to avoid the gang wars. Last Thursday, 13 people were shot in a South Side Chicago park, including a three year-old boy.


Chicago has the toughest gun laws in Illinois, and the Brady Campaign ranks Illinois as the ninth toughest state on guns. Plus, President Obama’s former chief of staff is Mayor.

It’s a Democrat’s heaven.

No thanks, says this group. They’d rather live like refugees on the streets of Wisconsin.

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