School Field Trip: 12-Year-Old Children Forced to Act Like Slaves and Called N**ger by Teachers Acting as Their “Slave Masters”

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The Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy took 12 year old children on a four day field trip to the “Nature’s Classroom” in Charlton, Massachusetts. Parents are outraged because their children were forced to re-enact slavery by picking cotton and were called n**ger by their teachers who pretended to be their “slave masters”. In one part of the re-enactment the children were chased through the woods as if they were slaves on the run and one student in the class was black.

Townhall reported:


“The re-enactment included having the students pretend to be on a slave ship, pretend to pick cotton, pretend the teachers were their slave masters, yelling the n-word at them and chasing them through the woods.”This is a field trip taken by a group of 12 year olds! One of the parents spoke with a local news affiliate about the trip. She said, “The fact that they used the N-Word. How dare you say that to my child and call it an educational experience? How dare you say that to my child?” This same parent was shocked when the she found out this trip had been going on for years, but no one ever saw a problem with it.

Although the field trip took place back in November of last year, it is just now coming to light as parents are now starting a battle with the Hartford School Board about the trip.

Obviously this school district has taken education to a level it never needed to go to. Teaching children how to discriminate and act inappropriately is never the job of a teacher.

Daily Caller has more on the story.

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