Putin Plays Obama: The Player Gets Played

Guest post by Melissa Clouthier of MelissaBlogs.com. On Twitter: @MelissaTweets.


Russia’s President Vladimir Putin (left) with U.S. President Barack Obama in Los Cabos, Mexico for the G20 summit Photo: REUTERS/Jason Reed
Last night on Twitter, David Axelrod crowed about President Obama’s bold stance:



It was laughable then as Obama clearly was getting a face saving bailout from the Russians after promising strikes against the Hitlerian baddies. Now, see, through a Russian brokered deal, the international community will take control of all the chemical weapons in Syria. Face saved and Assad can continue his Munich moment with conventional weapons. Red line problem solved!


If Axelrod’s statement was absurd yesterday, it’s nuclear grade silly looking today. Today, the Russian president has said, “Hold up, Barack. We’ll only agree to this chemical weapons wrap-up if you promise not to bomb Syria.”

As Ace says,


“OBAMA: I’ll give you whatever you want, Putin. Just allow me to keep… My Illusions.
PUTIN: Nah bro. They go too.”

It seems to me that Putin is attempting to teach Obama a lesson here: You’re a childish teenager. It’s not enough that you’re punished. You need a heavy dose of public humiliation to really learn the lesson.

What I’m not sure about is Obama bending the knee in submission. President Obama is petulant. He’s a grade “A” brat. Insufferable. He has no notion of boundaries or how foolish he looks. In his short professional career, he’s never been told no. And he does not like it when everyone doesn’t go along with the charade that he’s Allah’s gift to world leadership.

Will he swallow this bitter pill? If he does, it would be the first time.

SHOULD President Obama swallow the pill? As an American, Obama or not, the thought of giving Assad and pint-sized Putin a win of this magnitude is stomach-turning.

And the Prez has his fans. Just not Americans or their representatives. This fiasco is win, don’t you see:


Votes get delayed as the humiliation continues.

What a disaster.

UPDATE: More at Weekly Standard.

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