More Obamacare Child Indoctrination: Oregon School Bands to Play Obamacare Songs

The Northwest Watchdog reports:

The Oregon agency behind Obamacare-promoting, taxpayer-funded ads that have garnered national attention for their hipster and trippy vibes defended the spots Wednesday.

And next up? The agency will be looking for high school marching bands to play the pro-Affordable Care Act anthem in a contest aimed at bringing more attention to the government-funded health care exchange.

That’s right. High school bands in Oregon are being asked to play Obamacare songs. The prize? A chance to play at the Oregon-Oregon State game in November:

Obama has been using our children to promote himself even before he was elected and there is no “change” of that in the foreseeable future, the indoctrination continues:

In September 2009, a video was released of 3rd graders singing praise to Obama with a song titled,”Proud American”.

Another indoctrination video in September 2009 was also released by the Sand Hill Venable Elementary School in North Carolina, the creepy song praising Obama included chants “Change Has Come”.

In October 2009 the Ron Clark Academy of Atlanta Georgia sang an Obamacare song on CNN for Michelle Obama and Nancy Pelosi. The same kids sang a song for Obama before his 2008 election. Part of the song lyrics:

But McCain and Bush are real close right, They vote alike and keep it tight

Obama’s new, he’s younger too, The Middle Class he will help you

He’ll bring a change, he’s got the brains, McCain and Bush are just the same

You are to blame, Iraq’s a shame, Four more years would be insane

Nothing creepy here.

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