Loony Leftist Wants a World Where “Your Churches Burn” (Video)

Guest post by TheNewsCommenter.

This leftist can’t wait for the day his vision of oppression and destruction is realized. In the video, he confronts a pro-life supporter saying, “You’re in conflict with the world that I want, which is a world where all of your churches burn and your trash is impossible… I don’t give a f#$% about, like, what you are saying.”

The Blaze reported vandalism at the same event.


According to the email Students For Life sent out, another student also ripped out pink crosses they had placed in the ground that were supposed to symbolize the amount of “babies that Planned Parenthood kills each day.” The student allegedly shouted abortion “was awesome” as he removed the crosses.

The party of the “open minded” never fails to show its true colors.

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