Hilarious: Kerry Redefines War, Unsupported by Military

At yesterday’s Senate hearing, Rand Paul asked whether Obama would abide by the vote authorizing force against Syria.  Kerry blustered on about what war means and concluded that Syria doesn’t qualify:

SEC. KERRY:  “Senator . . . The president is not asking you to go to war . . . He’s simply saying we need to take an action that can degrade the capacity of a man who’s been willing to kill his own people . . . That’s not — I don’t — you know, I just don’t consider that going to war in the classic sense of coming to Congress and asking for a declaration of war and training troops and sending people abroad and putting young Americans in harm’s way.  That’s not what the president is asking for here.”

Kerry has been to war and protested war.  He got medals, said he gave them back, then claimed he didn’t.  He’s been against unilateral war, then for it.  If anyone has been on every side of war, it’s John Kerry.

Because of his vast experience with war, we can trust Kerry when he says bombing another country isn’t a war.  It’s “an action.”

Then Kerry made a mistake.  He asked an actual warrior to support him.  Someone who still has his medals pinned to his chest.  Here’s what happened:

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