US Embassy in Yemen Evacuated – Travel Warning Issued

Bin Laden is dead – GM is alive.
A top official at the US embassy in Sanaa was shot dead in October by suspected Al-Qaeda operatives.

Qassem Aqlan was shot dead by gunmen on a motorbike as he drove along Sittin Street today (AFP, Mohammed Huwais)

Six other officers in Yemen were also assassinated in a similar manner.

Today the State Department ordered the US Embassy in Yemen evacuated. A travel warning was issued for U.S. citizens currently in Yemen.
WITN reported, via Free Republic:


The State Department has ordered the U.S. Embassy in Yemen evacuated as a result of the threat by al-Qaida that has triggered temporary shutdowns of 19 American diplomatic posts across the Middle East and Africa.

A statement issued Tuesday says the department has ordered the departure of non-emergency U.S. government personnel from Yemen “due to the continued potential for terrorist attacks.”

The travel warning says U.S. citizens currently in Yemen should depart and calls the security threat level in Yemen “extremely high.”

A U.S. intelligence official and a Mideast diplomat told The Associated Press that the current shutdown was instigated by an intercepted secret message between al-Qaida chief Ayman al-Zawahri and his deputy in Yemen about plans for a major terror attack.

Britain’s Foreign Office says it has evacuated all staff from its embassy in Yemen due to increased security concerns.

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