Mugabe Tells Critics to “Go Hang” – Vows to Move Black Power Movement Forward & Take Over White Owned Assets (Video)

Zinbabwean president Robert Mugabe on Monday told his critics to “go hang” following his victory.
The tyrant vowed to move forward with his black empowerment program to take over foreign firms and white-owned assets.

Al-Ahram reported:

Zimbabwe’s longtime President Robert Mugabe said Tuesday his party won “a resounding mandate” from voters to complete a sweeping black empowerment program to take over foreign and white-owned assets.

Mugabe said the program in Zimbabwe, widely criticized by Western countries, will be “pursued to its successful conclusion.”

Outgoing Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, 61, is challenging the results of the July 31 election and alleges widespread vote rigging that gave Mugabe, 89, and his ZANU-PF party a commanding victory.

Addressing military parades on the annual Defense Forces holiday, Mugabe said voters ended an unwieldy coalition with Tsvangirai’s opposition that was formed after the last violent and disputed elections in 2008.

Mugabe said the vote showed confidence in his party and its drive for “total economic emancipation” for prosperity and jobs.

Don’t expect human rights leaders to get too upset over this.

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