MASSIVE EXPLOSION in Beirut – 3 Dead and 20 Wounded

At least three people were killed today in a massive blast in south Beirut’s Hezbollah district.
Gunfire was heard in the vicinity before the blast.

Hezbollah fighters have been assisting Syrian tyrant Bashir Assad in neighboring Syria.
Naharnet reported:

At least three people were killed and 20 others wounded in a car bombing that rocked Hizbullah’s stronghold in Beirut’s southern suburbs on Thursday.

The blast went off on the public road between Bir al-Abed and Ruwais, according to several television channels.

Live TV footage showed burning cars and pillars of black smoke bellowing from the blast scene.

“Gunfire was heard in the vicinity of the blast scene,” al-Jadeed television reported.

“The blast went off near Mahfouz Stores in Ruwais,” OTV reported, as MTV said the explosion took place “under a bridge facing the Harkous Chicken Restaurant.”

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