John McCain & Lindsey Graham: Egyptians Had No Right to Oust Democratically Elected Islamic Tyrant

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Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham penned an opinion piece today following their disastrous trip to Egypt last week where they insulted the current leadership and coddled the Muslim Brotherhood.

The two Republicans believe the Egyptian people had no right to oust their Islamic tyrant.
Pat Dollard caught this from today’s Washington Post article.

We are longtime friends of Egypt and its armed forces. We have fought as hard as anyone over many years to maintain our vital foreign assistance to Egypt. We were early supporters of the 2011 revolution and have consistently spoken up for the democratic aspirations of the Egyptian people. We were among the strongest critics of former president Mohamed Morsi’s undemocratic actions, and we sympathized with the millions of Egyptians who took to the streets last month to protest Morsi’s abuses of power. But as we said again this week in Cairo, we find it difficult to describe the circumstances of Morsi’s removal from office as anything other than a coup. Unsuccessful leaders in a democracy should leave office by losing elections.

It would be interesting to hear their take on the democratically elected Hamas regime in Gaza. Would the same principle apply to those killers?

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