HUNDREDS OF UNHINGED LEFTISTS Try to Disrupt Conservative ALEC Conference in Chicago (Video)

Jesse Jackson and Obama mentor Father Pfleger led far left thugs in a rally outside the annual ALEC conference today in Chicago.

The protesters were hoping to disrupt and shutdown the conservative conference tday.
They chanted, “Shame on you!” and blew whistles.

Democrats don’t like it when conservatives hold private meetings.

The anti-capitalist protesters believe the corporations owe them.
The AP reported:


More than a thousand conservative lawmakers and business executives are gathering this week for conference that could shape a new wave of Republican legislation in state capitols pushing for deeper tax cuts, limits on union powers and a private-sector makeover for government Medicaid programs.

Attendees at the American Legislative Exchange Council were countered Thursday by a roughly equal number of protesters upset by the close ties between big businesses and lawmakers. As meeting participants handed out awards and dined at a meal sponsored by the Texas Oil and Gas Association, picketers denouncing “corporate greed” paced the sidewalks and clogged the street in front of the Chicago hotel hosting the conference.

The conservative organization’s 40th annual meeting comes as it is experiencing increased influence due to a growth in Republican-led legislatures and enhanced opposition from liberal-leaning groups that have successfully persuaded some corporations to drop their support of the council. Businesses provide the bulk of the financing for the association, and industry officials serve with lawmakers on closed-door, issue-oriented task forces that develop model legislation for states.

More… Conservative blogger Duane Lester posted video of the unhinged leftists at the rally.

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