Hannity Boots Cumulus & Dickey Family

sean hannity

After months of failed negotiations, Sean Hannity announced he was leaving Cumulus. The number two ranked talk radio host in America will move his show when his contract is up. Hannity and his syndicator Clear Channel Premiere asked Cumulus for a release so they can negotiate a new deal but so far Cumulus has failed to respond.

Jeff Poor at The Daily Caller reported:

In the months-long public negotiations between Cumulus and conservative radio talkers Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, it was Hannity who finally signaled, “Take this job and shove it.”

On Friday, sources close to the No. 2 radio talk show and Fox News Channel host made it public that he would not renew his contract with Cumulus to have his show aired throughout the country on their 40 stations.

Hannity’s announcement beats Cumulus to the punch. Reports have surfaced in the last few days that Michael Savage would be taking the coveted 3 p.m. ET slot, which follows Rush Limbaugh’s top-rated radio program, on those Cumulus stations…

…A story published Friday by Jerry del Colliano’s Inside Music Media reveals Hannity had a very low regard for Cumulus CEO Lew Dickey and COO John Dickey. Hannity was quoted by an anonymous source berating the two.

“The Dickeys are the single worst operators in the history of radio,” Hannity said, according to del Colliano’s report. “They have destroyed legendary stations like KGO and KSFO. They are currently in the process of destroying WLS, WABC, WJR, WBAP and WMAL.”

NewsBusters agrees with Hannity: Cumulus is managing its radio stations into the dirt.


Data obtained by NewsBusters show that Hannity is actually right, and that in the key demographic of people aged 25 to 54, Cumulus has lost roughly 50 percent of its listeners since buying the stations in September 2011.

Here are the numbers:

New York WABC down 45.3 percent
Los Angeles KABC down 61.9 percent
WLS Chicago down 47.6 percent
KGO San Francisco down 57.4 percent
WJR Detroit down 50.9 percent
Kansas City KCMO down 52.9 percent
Nashville down 33.3 percent
Memphis down 50 percent
Albuquerque down 20.8 percent

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