Greta Van Susteren Slams Obama’s Showy Golf Photo: He “Shoves It Down the Face of the American People” (Video)

Greta Van Susteren slammed Barack Obama Monday for the latest golf shot the White House released over the weekend from Martha’s Vineyard.

“What was he thinking. You know photographers don’t have an open door to taking pictures of the president whenever they want. It’s all staged and choreographed with Secret Service standing by. So this was not spontaneous. So why would the president do this for the cameras? It’s one thing to take a vacation. But is this pose shoving it down the face of the American people. Remember, many of them are out of work. They can’t afford to spend a day working on their golf game at one of the most expensive places in America to vacation. Is this what leadership looks like?”

As the country suffers through the worst recovery in history and record unemployment Obama goes golfing.
He just doesn’t care what you think.

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