Former UN Ambassador John Bolton on Syria: Obama Showing “Amazing Confusion in His Own Mind”

By: Rachel Pulaski

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton told Fox News that during President Obama’s interview with CNN, he showed  “amazing confusion in the President’s own mind about what he thinks his objectives are.”  Ambassador Bolton also said issuing the red line in Syria was a mistake.

Fox News Reported:

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton said on “America’s News Headquarters” Saturday that there appears to be “amazing confusion” on the president’s part about how to handle the Syria crisis and reports of chemical weapon use. The president, in remarks at the White House last August, made clear the United State’s position on chemical weapons in the battle-worn state: even chemical weapon movement would cross a red line.

“I personally think having issued the red line in the first place was a mistake,” Bolton said.

The former ambassador’s comments come a day after the Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel discussed positioning military assets near Syria. The president met Saturday with his National Security team at the White House to discuss a Syria response if reports of chemical weapon use are deemed accurate.

A Reuters poll this week shows there is strong opposition by the American people to intervene in Syria:

27% support sending arms to Syrian rebels
11% said Obama should do more to intervene in Syria than sending arms to rebels
12% support air strikes
11% support a no-fly zone over Syria
9% support funding a multi-national invasion
4% support invading Syria with U.S. troops


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