Feds Building Obamacare Police Force to Target Consumers

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The Health and Human Services Department hired 86 “criminal investigators”, earning up to $90,000/year, to “sleuth out violations of a law”.  It’s unclear if the term “consumer” refers to the end user or the companies struggling to comply, but if the easing of the eligibility requirements is any indication, the target is likely the latter.

According to The Daily Mail,

The fleet of 86 new criminal investigators are earning a range of compensation between $51,800 and $89,350, according to the 2010 salary tables and differential payment guidelines.
Judicial Watch, a nonprofit that has told MailOnline it files ‘hundreds’ of FOIA requests, first published evidence in July of the HHS hiring binge.

‘Sounds like we now have the Obamacare police,’ said the group’s president, Tom Fitton, after MailOnline showed him the new data.
‘Given the confusion and problems of the law’s implementation, we would need a small army to police all the waste, fraud, and abuse that is already evident.’

Heritage Action for America, a conservative lobby group that opposes implementation of the Affordable Care Act, told MailOnline that it sees the hiring of criminal investigators inside HHS as a sign that its position is more and more defensible.
‘The Obama administration continues to assert near unilateral power when it comes to Obamacare,’ said Dan Holler, the group’s communications director.

‘This blatant disregard for the rule of law raises serious questions as to how these new criminal investigators will behave, what guidelines they will follow and who will provide much-needed oversight.’

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h/t Michael Savage

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