Division in the GOP: Republicans versus the Tea Party with Dana Loesch (Video)

Division in the GOP – Republicans vs. Tea Party with Dana Loesch on The Huckabee Show.

Dana Loesch was on last night to discuss the current divide in the Republican Party over immigration and the upcoming budget debate.

Dana correctly pointed out that if the Republicans fold like a pup tent they’ll lose their base. The grassroots don’t trust the party. Republicans always end up giving up the most.

From the video: Can Differences within the Republican Party be settled in time to beat the Democrats in 2014 and 2016? Is a split within the GOP over the defunding of Obamacare worth shutting down the Government? FNC’s Mike Huckabee sits down to address these questions with a lively panel comprised of Sean Spicer (Communications Director, RNC), Dana Loesch (Radio Talk Show Host, Tea Party Activist) and Matt Welch (Editor in Chief, Reason Magazine), as they weigh in with their perspectives on how this might be accomplished before the next election.

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