Armed Clerk With Gun Foils Attempted Robbery With Knife

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Another example in which a good guy with a gun foiled a robbery and no one was hurt. Because no shots were fired, these types of stories are not factored into gun violence statistics that Liberals love to site for their gun-control (a.k.a. people-control) propaganda.

An armed robber entered a liquor store in Sunderland, Mass and pulled out a large knife. The store clerk promptly pulled out a gun and the robber took off running out of the store.

WWLP-22News reports the following:

SUNDERLAND, Mass. (WWLP) – “Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight.” A liquor store clerk foiled a robbery attempt by pulling a gun on an admittedly drugged-up man, armed with a knife in Sunderland Friday afternoon.

Sunderland Police Chief Jeffrey Gilbert told 22News that a man wearing a white knit cap with holes cut out for his eyes, walked into the Spirit Shoppe on Amherst Road, and pulled out a large knife.

According to Chief Gilbert, the robber told the clerk, “I’m all cracked out! Give me all your cash.”

At that point the clerk displayed his own weapon, a handgun of unspecified caliber, and the unsuccessful robber ran out of the store empty handed.

No one was hurt.

Police dogs were called in to track the suspect, but they lost the scent on Amherst Road leading police to believe he may have gotten into a waiting getaway car.

Hat Tip to GunsSaveLives who adds the following thought:

The suspect even voiced his current state of mind during the robbery.

According to WWLP the suspect said, “I’m all cracked out! Give me all your cash.”

Nothing says professional criminal like voicing your level of impairment during the commission of a crime.

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