Aljazeera Comes to America – While Egypt Questions Its Legal Status

aljazeera us

Aljazeera Channel is coming to Obama’s America.
The anti-Semitic pro-Muslim Brotherhood channel will begin broadcasting this week in America.
The New York Times is just giddy:

Fourteen hours of straight news every day. Hard-hitting documentaries. Correspondents in oft-overlooked corners of the country. And fewer commercials than any other news channel.

It sounds like something a journalism professor would imagine. In actuality, it is Al Jazeera America, the culmination of a long-held dream among the leaders of Qatar, the Middle Eastern emirate that already reaches most of the rest of the world with its Arabic- and English-language news channels.

The new channel, created specifically for consumers in the United States, will join cable and satellite lineups on Tuesday afternoon.

Meanwhile, in Egypt, the government has assigned officials to assess the legal status of the Al Jazeera Mubasher satellite channel, accusing it of threatening stability and national security.

Aljazeera was also accused of coordinating and working with foreign jihadists in Syrian kidnapping operations recently.
Here’s one of their reports from a jihadi prison camp.


Translation from the Aljazeera report:

“On the outskirts of this city, the city of Kidaha, is the the fall of the head of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, and strengthened is a number of forces who want to (benefit/support) Syria. An attempt by the Islamic brigades in this area to control these villages in a battle called [aaisht al muinee] and have completed control over 11 villages, as well as the killing of a number of security forces and imprisoning 10’s of them.”

Translation of the female hostage: (at 0:44) “We are from the village of humbooshie in ghouta, we ARE abducted by the mujahideen, who have imprisoned us, and will not release us until their prisoners are released by the Syrian government. There are approximately 150 of us but we are being treated well. We urge the international community to intervene by releasing the Syrian government prisoners so that we may be released.

Aljazeera is also accused of genocidal anti-Semitism.

So it makes perfect sense that Aljazeera will open operations in America at this time.

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