African Rock Python Kills Two Sleeping Boys in Canada (Video)

It’s a snake – It’s what snakes do.
Two young boys in Canada were killed after being strangled by a python that escaped its enclosure at a pet shop.
The snake escaped from its cage and slithered through the vents.

The African rock python reportedly slithered through a vent before killing the boys. reported:

New Brunswick RCMP have launched a criminal investigation into the deaths of two young boys killed by a python that reportedly slithered through ventilation shafts after it escaped from a reptile store, though police say it’s too early to determine whether charges will be laid.

Police confirmed that the store owner also resides in the upstairs apartment in Campbellton, N.B. where the two boys, aged five and seven, were found dead Monday morning.

Reptile Ocean owner Jean-Claude Savoie was hosting the two boys, aged five and seven, for a sleepover with his own son.

Savoie reportedly found the two boys and called 911, police said. His son was in another room and was unharmed, police say.

Campbellton RCMP Cpl. Alain Tremblay said police are in the first stage of a criminal investigation.

“I can tell you it’s a criminal investigation right now to determine if any criminal act is responsible for the death of the two boys.”

RCMP said the snake is an African rock python, as long as 4.5 metres and weighing approximately 45 kg. The non-venomous snake typically kills by constricting its victims.

The RCMP released the ages of the two boys, but have not yet identified the pair. Their mother lives nearby.

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