Where Is the GOP’s ‘Detroit’ Ad? Is the Stupid Party Really This Lame?

From the Grave to the Burial Ground–
The last Republican Mayor left office in Detroit 60 years ago.
Last week Detroit went bankrupt.

Thanks to Democrats, Detroit is broke and broken.
detroit ruins
(Mr. Conservative)

It is a case study of liberalism. Big government promises, high taxes, poor leadership and impulse spending.
Progressives ruined Detroit and they know it.


So where are the Republican TV ads?
Where are the sixty second spots that show the crumbling buildings and describe the Democratic policies that destroyed this once great American city?

Did the GOP even consider running an ad on Detroit?
Or, did they think it would be too controversial?

There’s a reason the GOP is called the Stupid Party.

At least Steven Crowder made a parody video on the city’s collapse.
A brilliant parody video…

Maybe it’s time we quit sending donations to the Republican Party.
Maybe we should send our money somewhere else instead.
Send it to Steven Crowder.
At least he’s willing to fight.

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