WAR ON BLACK WOMEN: California Prison System Sterilized Inmates To Prevent Undesirable Babies

Posted by guest contributor Andrew Marcus – Director, Hating Breitbart

The Daily Mail is reporting “nearly 250 California inmates were ‘pressured’ into [sterilization]”

A shocking new report reveals that nearly 250 women have been sterilized in California prisons since the 1990s, some as recently as 2010.

Many of the women say that they were repeatedly pressured into having tubal ligation surgeries by prison doctors – raising the specter of California’s dark history of eugenics.

The doctor interviewed for the story didn’t even try to hide his Eugenic desire to preemptively exterminate undesirables:

Dr James Heinrich, the for OB-GYN at Valley State Prison for Women in Chowchilla, California, said the money was a bargain for California taxpayers.

‘Over a 10-year period, that isn’t a huge amount of money compared to what you save in welfare paying for these unwanted children – as they procreated more,’ he told the CIR.

What % of the “unwanted children” would have been black or some other minority?

This should horrify anyone with a conscience, as the article appropriately points out, given America’s Progressive history:

The most egregious use of this practice, however, was in California, where some 20,000 people were sterilized against their will from 1904 until 1964.

Even the Nazis took notice of the state’s eugenics policies and sent representatives to study the state’s policies in the 1930s.

Any Progressives out there who refuse to accept their own disgusting history can read “War Against The Weak” which details how America’s Progressive movement inspired the Holocaust.



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