Virginia NAACP Chief Dares To Question Trayvon’s Innocence… Liberal Rage Promptly Ensues Including Demands For His Resignation

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Hat Tip WeaselZippers: A Virginia NAACP Chief, Tristan Breaux, dared to question the “saintliness” of Trayvon and the calls for his resignation flooded in. The NAACP justifies the the requests to recall Mr. Breaux by questioning Tristan Breaux’s “maturity.” The irony is that Tristan Breaux may be the only one demonstrating “maturity” in that organization.

2013-07-12-NAACP-Chief_Questioning_Trayvon reports the following on the calls for resignation:


NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – It seems much of the country is gripped by the George Zimmerman murder trial. As it comes to a close, many in Hampton Roads are upset about a Facebook post by a local head of the NAACP.

“To the majority of the African-American community, I would find it offensive,” said Norfolk City Councilman Paul Riddick.

Tristan Breaux, 25, was sworn in as president of the Norfolk NAACP in January. He is the youngest president in the branch’s history, but members of the organization are calling for him to step down.

“He obviously does not have the maturity when to speak and when not to speak,” Riddick added.

The controversy started Friday morning. Breaux’s posted a comment on his personal Facebook page about the George Zimmerman trial. The remark quickly spread.

“My initial reaction was that it wasn’t true, that somebody had gone on his Facebook and had planted this,” Riddick said. “I just couldn’t imagine the president of the Norfolk branch of the NAACP making a statement like that.”

“I wonder why it is that we are always willing to say someone who clearly had a shaky past, was the victim,” Breaux asked in the Facebook post, referring to Trayvon Martin.

“I think this should be tried in the courtroom and not on social media,” said former Norfolk NAACP President Bob Rawls.

Rawls says he is worried how the statement reflects on fellow members.

“If he had been talking to another person or two or three people and voiced his personal opinion that’s different,” Rawls added. “When you put it on social media so somebody in Florida, California, Oregon or New York is reading, this, that is wrong.”

The post went on to ask if people are blinded to why Trayvon was staying with his dad and why he wasn’t at home at at time of the shooting. made several attempts to get in touch with Breaux through calls and texts, but he never responded. Local members who voted him into office are now hoping national NAACP members will take him out.

“I think that the national office should come into this,” Riddick said. “It would be an effort to silence this fellow. I don’t know how recall process works, but I think they should recall him.”

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