UNREAL. Michelle Obama Says Barack Is Working to Make Americans Free From Government

Michelle Obama told supporters in her latest email that Barack is working to make Americans free from government.
Only an absolute imbecile would believe that.
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(NWFree Press)
Under Obama 101 million Americans are on food assistance.

In March 2013, a record 8,853,614 Americans were collecting disability.

Since Barack Obama became president in January 2009 over 5.7 million Americans were put on disability.

Under Obama half of US states will expand their Medicaid programs thanks to Obamacare.


But, Michelle Obama says Obama is working to make Americans free of government.
Democratic voters are so gullible.

CNS News reported:

In an e-mail to supporters, First Lady Michelle Obama says she grew up in a family that didn’t need help from the government, and that her husband is working to make Americans free from dependence on government once again.

In her message sent yesterday from [email protected], Mrs. Obama says:

“When I was growing up, a family like mine — living on my hard-working father’s salary at the city water plant — could build a solid life without much debt and without relying on any form of public assistance. Today, for too many families, that American promise is no longer within reach.

“Barack is working to fix that and he needs solid Democrats in Congress to help him.”

However, her husband’s administration is spending millions actively promoting dependence on government assistance in the form of things like food stamps and health care.

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