Trayvon Martin’s Family Attorney – “I’m a Social Engineer” (Video)

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Is “Community Organizer” not good enough anymore?

It appears activists (er Lawyers?) are adopting “Social Engineer” as the title of choice as you can see in this interview that aired on Greta tonight. The Left has to constantly come up with new words to defile and dilute.  They are running away from “racist” in favor of “profiler” and using “Progressive” instead of “Liberal.” It’s no surprise that they are running away from “Community Organizer” and “Community Activist” in favor of “Social Engineer”.  But who are they kidding right?

It’s worth noting that the term “Social Engineering” has roots in computer science and describes that act of hacking (manipulating) the human brain in a way that compels the target to divulge information or somehow act in a manner they normally wouldn’t. It’s highly manipulative and is associated with criminal activity almost 100% of the time.

Bonus: Watch a classic Greta smackdown as she schools her guest on how law works.

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