St. Louis Trayvon Protest: “Zimmerman… You Need to Fear For Your Death”

This afternoon I attended the Trayvon Martin rally in downtown St. Louis, Missouri. Hundreds of people met at a park off of Market street on this hot St. Louis afternoon. They marched, they chanted, they threatened George Zimmerman.

Here’s one sign…
fear death
“Zimmerman, don’t fear for your life really: You need to fear for your death”
Execute the Executioners

Here’s another threatening sign:
so we will
You didn’t handle Zimmerman, so we will.


AmeriKKKa Declares War on Its Own Citizens

I went down to the rally with my friend Stacy Washington.
stacy trayvon
Stacy posed for a picture here. Her website is Stacy on the Right.


Local leftists identified me and started whining about having their comments edited or erased on The Gateway Pundit. One accused me of sending his computer a virus. (Yeah right)
He said his user name was “Sean Insanity.”
Stacy on the Right came to my defense.


St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson thanked everyone for a peaceful rally.

The leftists only threatened violence but no skulls were cracked so the chief considers that a success.

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