Oops! Doonesbury Knocks Republicans in Sunday ‘Funnies’ But Goofs Up His Facts

In the Age of Obama the left openly attacks conservatives and Republicans in weekly sitcoms, on sports channels and even in the Funny pages.

On Sunday, far left activist Garry Trudeau attacked Republicans for voting to defund Obamacare 33 times ‘this session.’  He even drew cute little Capitol pictures to represent the votes.
doonesbury dumbass

But, not only is Trudeau not funny, he’s way off base.
The House Republicans have voted to repeal Obama’s increasingly unpopular health care law 37 times since 2010. But more than 30 of those votes occurred during the 111th Congress that ended in November of 2012. The current 112th Congress started up in December and have not voted more than 10 times this session to repeal Obamacare.


If Trudeau wanted to be snarky he could at least get his facts straight.
What an idiot.

UPDATE: What a surprise. The libs at Wonkette support idiot Trudeau.

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