Lib Activists Petition to Remove Rush Limbaugh’s Bust from MO State Capitol

rush limbaugh bust missouri
RUSH BUST: Former House Speaker Steven Tilley unveils the Rush Limbaugh bust that now sits in the Missouri Capitol’s rotunda. (Say Anything)

Missouri liberals are working to force politicians to remove the bust of Rush Limbaugh from the state capitol in Jefferson City.
EL-Rushbo was inducted into the hall of famous Missourians in May 2012. reported:

A St. Louis woman is leading the latest charge to remove the bronze bust of the controversial conservative radio talk show host from the Missouri Capitol.

Limbaugh’s bust was installed in Jefferson City last May after then-House Speaker Steven Tilley selected him for the Hall of Famous Missourians in the Capitol rotunda.

Heather Woodside has started a petition on calling on Gov. Jay Nixon, Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder and the state House and Senate to remove the bust. As of Tuesday morning, the petition had 6,340 signatures.

“We need to remove a man’s image who makes it his priority to demean women, people of color, immigrants, the working class, the poor and the LGBT community,” Woodside wrote. “He is not a positive example for Missouri.”

Obviously, Heather Woodside will be the liberal media’s next overnight sensation.

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